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Jiangxi sprocket manufacturers

Time: 2021-6-9 17:28:52 Source: Hebei Ever-Power Sprocket Factory

Jiangxi sprocket manufacturers are cold-rolled or hot-rolled, the long and narrow internal combination is not a thick coating (zinc, aluminum).Hot-dip galvanizing should have uniform convex and concave coatings and strong adhesion. It should follow the advantages and disadvantages of using long radius and other advantages.The hot-dip steel strip substrate and the molten plating solution are in consideration of the complex impact and application hazards, and come up with a zinc-iron cordial layer with high temperature resistant supporting facilities that is not loose.The cordial layer is naturally integrated with the pure zinc layer and the strip steel matrix.Therefore, its high temperature resistance is strong.
Jiangxi Sprocket Manufacturers Leading Autumn
The entire roll of strip steel is pickled and decontaminated, and then washed outside.
Jiangxi sprocket manufacturers and autumn
①Hot-dip zinc: After pickling, use ammonium chloride or zinc chloride aqueous solution or ammonium chloride and zinc construction aqueous solution tank for simple.Secondly, it is sent to the hot-dip plating tank for galvanizing.
②Hot-dip galvanizing: After pickling, use ammonium chloride or an aqueous solution of ammonium chloride or ammonium and zinc chloride to construct an aqueous solution tank, and then send it to the continuous meshing furnace and then add it to the iron sheet tank to use the iron sheet.
③Direct galvanizing: After pickling, it is sent to the continuous meshing furnace and then added into the iron sheet tank for iron sheet utilization.
Jiangxi sprocket manufacturers fall again
Jiangxi sprocket manufacturers will stock up and use the iron layer to meet the needs of customers. Almost no more than, less than, greater than, less than, and must be greater than, less than, greater than, greater than, less than g/m in warehouse, and there are still many fixed samples. More than, less than, greater than, less than, and must be greater than, less than, greater than, and less than g/storage meter.
Jiangxi sprocket manufacturers use iron sheet steel belt exhibition
Among them, TusHoldings book industry must mainly use the water film to prevent high temperature insulation and divide Tuss roof panels, roof grids, etc.; the light industry book industry uses its water film to house appliances, partitions, important goods, etc., and the network book industry must It must be mainly used in the high temperature resistant interior of water film cars; agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries must be mainly used for food storage and transportation, amphibians and water freezing processing goods, etc.; rain resistance must be mainly used for panic and dangerous storage and transportation, hot plating goods ; Steel supporting facilities sandalwood; partition wall light steel keel, ceiling keel and other Jiangxi sprocket manufacturers.

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