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Renqiu Ever-Power Sprocket Factory was founded in 10 and is located in Dongzhuangdian Industrial Zone, XNUMX kilometers east of Renqiu City, Hebei Province.The factory produces all kinds of Renqiu sprockets, non-standard sprockets, large gears, large ring gears, large transmission shafts, non-standard large pitch sprockets, bevel gears, non-standard roller sprockets, and can provide drawings according to customers , Samples, customized size processing.We promise: affordable price, reliable quality and satisfactory after-sales service.        

我厂现拥有2.5米车床、3125滚齿机、龙门刨、万能铣、电火花等大中小型加工设备,能加工节距6.35mm~300mm、滚子直径 3.3mm~150mm、模数0.75mm~25mm、齿数6~500、外径50mm~2800mm,范围内的所有任丘链轮、齿轮。

The factory focuses on the development strategy of "good starting point, good standards, and good technology", implements the business management philosophy of "people-oriented, technological innovation", pursues the purpose of "guaranteeing quality, focusing on users, and stressing credibility", and insists on technology, management, Renqiu Sprocket Factory is a four-in-one quality service.We sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit us, establish long-term friendly cooperative relations, and create brilliance together.We have excellent production equipment and technical personnel. We have strong economic power and the ability to support the production of manufacturers. The purpose of our factory: survive by quality, develop by reputation, and operate with small profits but quick turnover. We are willing to join hands with customers at home and abroad. Cooperation, create brilliant!