March 5, 2021

Precision Roller Chain, Parts and Connecting Backlinks
The precision steel roller chain is actually a highly efficient and versatile suggests of transmitting mechanical electrical power, which, within the field of industrial applications, has almost absolutely superseded all other forms of chain previously utilised.
Outer Hyperlink – Press Match (BS/DIN) Riveting Pin Hyperlink – Press Match (ANSI)
For use with all sizes and forms of chain where optimum safety is wanted. The website link is provided with bearing pins riveted into a single outer plate. Another outer plate is an interference match on the bearing pins, the ends of which should be riveted in excess of soon after the plate is fitted. Press match connecting back links need to only be made use of once; new backlinks need to be employed to replace dismantled back links. (See ‘Riveting Chain Endless’ for full directions).
Connecting Website link – Slip Fit (BS/DIN/ANSI)
A connecting website link supplied with two connecting pins riveted to the outer plate. The outer plate is usually a clearance match to the connecting pins and it is secured in place by a split pin with the projecting end of every connecting pin.
Connecting Link – Slip Fit (BS/DIN/ANSI)
Utilized on brief pitch chains only. Provided with two connecting pins riveted to the outer plate, the clearance fit connecting plate becoming secured by means of a spring clip, No. 27, which snaps to the grooves inside the pins.